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Meet Richard, Founder of MindEDU

Free sounds too good to be true.  That's probably why you're here. Why is science this amazing free?

MindEDU's story is about my love for my beautiful, identical twin baby daughters, health news that I didn't have much time left to live, and wanting to make real, with the time I had left, a life long passion to share life-changing early childhood development science to leave the world a better place for my children.

After three years of struggle, the health news turned out to be a misdiagnosis 🙏🏼, and MindEDU has grown from a "me" to a "we" as we've assembled many of the world's greatest researchers in early childhood development to share their gifts of science, that are not just answers to typical parenting questions, but incredibly, mostly unknown, research-based advice to give your child your greatest wishes: to be happy, healthy and achieve their greatest potential.

By creating one trusted source for answers, with millions of parents and caregivers turning to the Internet looking for solutions, we have the opportunity for the first time in human history to truly make the world a better place and fulfill a father's wish for your children and mine.

Join us and spread the word.  Let’s create the most capable and compassionate generation of children in human history.

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