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What eats "Survival of the Fittest" for breakfast? The most important thing to teach your child!

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What parents want most for their child is to be happy.  But what will your child most want for their future?

Well, to be happy too!  But what will they need to achieve their greatest potential in an unknown 21st Century with AI (Artificial Intelligence), much more sophisticated robots and where Google knows everything?

What shows up at the top of almost every list from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills to the IBM Global C-Suite Study are these above all else: 
• Creativity,
• The ability to Collaborate (aka, "Plays well together")
• The Confidence to take risks

And the foundation for all of those also happens to be the foundation to give your child your greatest wish, to be happy. 

It's "What eats Survival of the Fittest for Breakfast!" Empathy!


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