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Part 1: The Gottman Institute's Emotion Coaching - Introduction to the Workshop | MindEDU

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In the world of emotional intelligence arguably the Greek gods are John and Julie Gottman, founders of The Gottman Institute and creators of “Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting.

Of the greatest gifts we can give our child, the gift of happiness, which comes from beautiful relationships; and two of the most important 21st Century skills, the gift of creativity which is most robustly nurtured in a petri dish filled with empathy, and the skill of collaboration, these are the gifts that we give our children through emotion coaching.

We have been profoundly blessed that they have granted us permission to present the "Introduction to the Workshop" through to "What is Emotion Coaching."

Here we present Part 1: The Gottman Institute's Emotion Coaching - Introduction to the Workshop.

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