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Teaching children how to play fair and not lose their friends.

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We want our children to easily play and make friends. But are we teaching them wrong?

We as parents are hoping that our child is going to be someone who grows up and is well liked by others, is good at having fun with others, is able to play with others, and follow the rules and be a good sport, and treat others with fairness. It tends to be a value just about every parent has for their child.

But parents don't always know what they can be doing, especially what they can be doing in the early years to to create a foundation for that kind of development of fair play,

Dr. Karen Bierman, Ph.D., World Renowned researcher in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) talks about two kinds of parents: those who play (mistakenly) with their children, and those who play (socially appropriately) with their children.

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