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Stress. The killer of everything we want for our child. The science.

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We are human. And in this time when we especially need it, we are living and surrounded by a culture that does not recognize the first place priority of taking care of ourselves first and reducing our stress. Or as we called it pre-Covid and seems even more important now in this Covid era, "Put Your Mask on First" or #PYMoF.

It's important to know the science of stress, more specifically the neurobiological process and how even mild stress has a significant impact on our behavior and how stress contagion can have a more severe impact on our child's developing brain.

We take a brief, fascinating trip into the processes of the amygdala, the prefrontal cortex, Dr. Donald Hebb's work on how "neurons that fire together, wire together," ADHD, The Dunedin multidisciplinary Health and Development Study, Dr. Dan Siegel's handy hand model of the brain and what happens when you "flip your lid," and ultimately what that means for your child's developing brain and future life.

It's critical science to know. 


We then have a series of videos on how to "Put Your Mask on First." #PYMoF 

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