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Stress is contagious and severe for your child's brain. What to do.

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Being a parent or caregiver takes effort. And that work when it's burdened with other obligations it often causes us to be stressed.

What we know from recent science is like the common cold, stress is contagious. And if you've watched our video on the science of stress, "Stress. The killer of everything we want for our child. The science," you know the critical impact of stress in the environment on your child.

But how does that happen? And what can you do?

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl describes how your stress is contagious to your children and the simple solutions to help you through it that we provide in our series we named pre-Covid that seems even more important in the Covid era "Put Your Mask on First," or #PYMoF.

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