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Sim Singh


Sim Singh – Sim is the founder of that offers growth consulting for innovative direct-to-consumer companies. Their clients include PokerCity in Shanghai and Udacity in Silicon Valley.

Their services include Competitive Analysis & Product Recommendations, PM Training, Product Development Management and Business Coaching. Sim is the former GM of Zynga Poker who led Zynga Poker from $10M in ARR to $100M in ARR in 14 months.

Sim was also the GM of Poker Blitz that launched to 2M MAUs and ushered in the era of casual casino games. As the product Lead at Zynga Japan he helped coach and manage game teams in the Japanese market. As GM of Zynga Mobile he focused on HTML 5 games, launched FarmVille Express, CityVille Express and Mafia Wars Shakedown.

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