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Reading is Critical for Language Development but, Is there a "Right" Way to Read?

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Is there a right way to read to your child?  Take a look at this engaging video to find out what researchers know! 

Video Transcript:

Daddy 0:08
Okay, are you ready to read and read a book and read a book? Rainbow Fish to the rescue? A Long Way Out in the deep blue sea there swam a school of fish, not just ordinary fish.

Naomi 0:21 
Daddy, why is there leaves in there?

Daddy 0:23 
Do you want me to read the book or not? Quit interrupting.

Dr. Adele Diamond, Ph.D. 0:32
There's a recent study that shows that reading is important for your child. But even more important than the reading is the conversation that happens between you and your child in the context of reading. And it's not particularly you're talking to the child. What's really important is the conversational turns that you take the number of conversational turns taken. Listening to and responding to your child is what drives language development. It drives the maturation of one of the brain regions most important for language Broca's area, and it drives the later development of language skills. Again, it's listening to and responding.

Daddy 1:22
Are you ready to read a book? 

Rainbow Fish to the rescue.  A Long Way Out in the deep blue sea there swam a school of fish, just ordinary fish. Each one had a sparkling silver scale ever since Rainbow Fish and shared his scales. These fish had done everything together.

Trinity 1:43
Why do they all have sparkling scales?

Unknown Speaker 1:48
Because Rainbow Fish had lots of scales and nice shirt with all the all of these other fish became as friends and we wanted to share something with them.

Naomi 1:56
Why is, why is there lots of leaves that are sticky? Sticky leaves are underwater. 

Trinity 2:00 
There's sticky seaweed.

Daddy 2:10
How did you know seaweed is sticky?

Unknown Speaker 2:15
Because some, because some seaweed is sticky and some isn't...

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