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Dr. Jelani Mandara, Ph.D.


Jelani Mandara, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Human Development and Social Policy at Northwestern University. His primary research examines the nature and effects of socialization, father involvement, and how they interact with gender, race and SES to impact youths’ academic and social development.

He is currently implementing and evaluating B-PROUD, a culturally sensitive parent training intervention for African Americans that he developed. His research also examines how differences in parenting and other family factors account for ethnic and gender disparities in achievement and the likelihood of engaging in risky behavior. He regularly teaches courses and conducts workshops on African American child and adolescent development and effective parenting.

He also consults for different schools and non-profit organizations on ways to increase minority achievement. Dr. Mandara is a middle-career mentee in the mentoring program for the Center for Translational and Prevention Science.

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