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60 years of research shows the Authoritative Parenting style results in a child's "optimal outcome." And only 30% of parents do it.

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Dr. Diana Baumrind, Ph.D. should be legendary to every parent on the planet.

Why?  Because in the 60 years since Dr. Baumrind coined the term and definition of "authoritative parenting," over 400 studies, cross-culturally, around the world have found her findings to be the most effective parenting style for a child's "optimal outcome."

Just before Dr. Baumrind passed away MindEDU was profoundly blessed to have her anoint the team of her closest collaborators to codify her work into a parenting program for us. We're currently developing that program. You'll probably recognize your neighbor's parenting style - that's not working - and instead what they should be doing in this wonderful video.

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