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Angela Low


Angela Low is a specialist in mobilizing emotional intelligence and child development research to parenting and family support practices. Her work focuses on promoting:

  • Emotional competence
  • Resilience of adult caregivers
  • Well-being of adult caregivers

These insure that adult caregivers can provide the correct environments and relationships within which your children can thrive.  Angela has been developing curriculum and facilitating workshops on emotional intelligence for 16 years in China and Canada. She is committed to bringing an emphasis on social and emotional development to the forefront of communities that support children, youth and their families.


Angela received her M.A. in Human Development, Learning and Culture from the University of British Columbia (UBC). She is currently conducting her doctoral research at UBC on factors and processes that foster emotional resilience in early parenthood, with a particular focus on self-compassion, mindfulness and happiness.
In 2018, she received the prestigious University of British Columbia Public Scholars Award, and the Dean of Education award in 2017.

Angela’s Work

Angela’s work is grounded in the belief that caregiver education should begin with an authentic concern for and promotion of the mental and emotional well-being of the adult.
Angela Low has given over 100 presentations at conferences as well as community groups of parents, frontline workers and educators on building the adult capacity to foster social and emotional competence at home and in schools. Angela actively works with community organizations (such as the Dalai Lama Centre for Peace and Education, the YMCA and the YWCA) to integrate social and emotional learning into family and youth programs.
Prior to graduate studies, Angela had a professional development consulting practice in Beijing, working with leaders in corporate and non-profit organizations to bring a focus of cultivating emotional intelligence into organizational culture and practices. She is a certified Master Trainer for the 6 Seconds EI program, and an experienced facilitator for team building and conflict resolution. She is fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese.
Angela is also a certified yoga teacher, and has two young children that challenge her emotional intelligence every, single, day.

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