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Remembering Diana Baumrind

authoritative parenting

There isn’t a psychology student on the planet that doesn’t know of the work of Diana Baumrind, and every parent on the planet should too. She was a giant among giants. Her work has been referenced and replicated around the world.

We’re beyond blessed to be able to carry her work forward.

Almost 50 years ago Diana Baumrind, Ph.D. published “Effects of Authoritative Parental Control on Child Behavior.” Her work is the most respected and subsequently researched description of the most effective parenting style for a child’s optimal outcome.

Her work was never codified into a parenting program. But, that’s going to change. Just before her passing, at MindEDU’s urging and for MindEDU, Dr. Baumrind picked the team to finally codify her parenting program.


Being at the Remembrance for Diana Baumrind at UC Berkeley, I was incredibly grateful to be invited and even more grateful to have been given the opportunity to speak about taking her work forward. It was an honor and a gift.

And yet, for all her work, it felt so small for what the world owes her. We’re going to change that. The World will come to know her gifts.

And I think we need a postage stamp to honor her work. We just have to wait 3 years.

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